Congratulations are due to Priya Mathew and Fares Rezoug, who both recently had their PhD corrections accepted and who will graduate in July.

Priya’s thesis is entitled  ‘An investigation of student writing in Civil Engineering: A corpus linguistics case study in the Middle East’. Priya is a Senior Lecturer in Language Education at Middle East College, Sultanate of Oman, and her research focused on the generic and linguistic features of texts produced by Engineering undergraduates in her college. She is now developing the Omani Corpus of Academic Writing, to include not only Engineering assignments but also assignments produced in English in other disciplines. Her work was recently published in the 2017 BALEAP Conference proceedings.

Fares’s thesis, ‘A Study of the Organisational Structure and Phraseology of Algerian Engineering MSc Dissertations with Reference to their American Counterparts’ looked at the features of successful Engineering dissertations submitted to a prestigious English-medium college in Algeria, comparing them with a corpus he compiled of US dissertations. It has already yielded work published in the Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics. Fares is currently working on further publications from his thesis.