Corpus Linguistics at Coventry (CLaC) is a group of researchers in the School of Humanities at Coventry University specialising in applications of corpus linguistics across the disciplines, including education, literature, translation studies, social history, law, politics, cyber security and business. In its most general sense, corpus linguistics involves using digital technologies (such as corpus and computational methods of analysis, and visualisation tools) to investigate and understand language use in different contexts. Our research interests and expertise include:

  • Digital archiving: investigating new ways of organising, interpreting and using the various types of information embedded within digital archives.
  • Applications of corpus linguistics: using and critiquing the theories, tools and techniques of corpus linguistics to design, create and analyse different types of language corpora.
  • Corpus software design: developing and promoting corpus software to increase access and usage of corpus resources, both by corpus linguists and other user groups.

Our group members have received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, JISC and the British Academy, and have published extensively on corpus linguistics related topics. To find out more about the research projects we’re currently involved in, please go to the ‘Research Areas’ drop-down menu.